Hair Removal Services…

Eyebrow Sculpting

This service is for the 1st time brow wax or for clients that do wax on a regular basis that needs sculpting, shaping or more clean than regular eyebrow maintenance.

15 Minutes – $25.00

Bikini Wax

Remove unwanted hari from the bikini area. This treatment uses hard wax beads which are know to be gentler in sensitive areas with course hair.

20 Minutes – $35.00

Lip/Chin Wax

Remove unwanted hair from the lip and or chin.

15 Minutes – $15.00

Full Leg Wax

Removal of hair on the entire leg.

45 Minutes – $60

1/2 Leg Wax

Removal of hair from the knee down.

30 Minutes – $40.00

Underarm Wax

Removal of hair from the underarm area with the use of hard wax beads. This wax is for sensitive areas and provides easier removal of course hairs.

15 Minutes – $15.00

Eyebrow Wax

15 Minutes – $15.00

Chair Massage + Massage Parties

Chair Massage & Massage Parties ~ Call for information about our off-site services.

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